Buses [Official DLC] Masterbus Gen 3 Pack

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Masterswitch Studios
Mar 22, 2016
Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your feedback following the release of the Gen 3 Pack. We thank you all for your reviews and comments, and we have reviewed all the feedback given. One of your main concerns were the sound volumes, and after some internal workflow adjustment, we hope to avoid this in the future. Let us know in the comments, or on our facebook page. We've fixed misc issues with some missing models, such as the ticketer arm, as well as the handrail grabs upstairs. We've also reduced the size of lightmaps, and a few other textures to hopefully give you a small performance increase.

Along with this hotfix patch, we have added some small features , such as automatic announcements for MSID, and cooling fans. We have included a set of announcements for Cotterell.

- Added automatic MSID announcements
- Added MSID ads as a re-texturable thing (per repaint)
- Added leaflet holders as a setvar and now repaintable
- Added template for mirrors, now repaintable
- Added cooling fans for all variants in DPF Regen
- Revisited sound volumes for Volvos, after many complaints.
- Fixed missing handrail attachments on B5LH
- Fixed missing ticketer arm - no more magic machine
- Fixed Streetdecks reverse beeper + gear selector buttons
- Fixed Wheelchair accessible bell being too common
- Fixed B5TL 10.5m "White - Fancy" repaint being missing
- Fixed missing idle alarm sound
- Various fixes to the Hanover displays
- Updated bundled HOF files to not include Krueger formatting
- Optimised various textures after complains


Founder of Masterswitch Studios
Masterswitch Studios
Mar 22, 2016
Patch v1.0b/c
  • Added Streetdeck HEV (10.5m)
  • Added 5p coins to cash tray
  • Added 10p coins to cash tray
  • Added missing B5LH LDIntMouldings template
  • Added support for keybindings for schedule + ticketselling views
  • Added single-pane mirrors as default, split mirrors are now a setvar (vis_mirrortype)
  • Added Sparfax mirrors as a setvar (vis_mirrortype)
  • Various improvements to AI lights
  • Various improvements to the Hanover displays
  • Various improvements to cab views
  • Various improvements to ZF gearbox
  • Adjusted Volvo temperature needle range
  • Step sounds reverted to default for the time being
  • Various Ticketer improvements and fixes
  • Fixes some MSID text clipping
  • Fixes F12 triggering the stop bell
  • Fixes overly extended ticket print sound
  • Fixes some issues with door alarms
  • Fixes Streetdeck kneeling status showing when bus is off
  • Fixes B5LH LDIntMouldings template repaintability
  • Fixes AI not using certain built in HOFs
  • Fixes some cab windows not being illuminated
  • Fixed 11.5m Bounding box
  • Fixes Bathwick Hill announcements
  • Fixes drivers fan speed sounds
  • Removes kickdown from Streetdeck
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Founder of Masterswitch Studios
Masterswitch Studios
Mar 22, 2016
v1.0d Released
  • Added temperature to HEAVAC controller
  • Added new dashscreen startup texture
  • Added assault alarm sound to outside
  • Added Volvo engine ticking noise
  • Added Volvo ISAM noises to B5LH
  • Added audio feedback to climate control
  • Edited Streetdeck HEV power
  • Edited cooling fan volumes
  • Fixed GlassInteriorDecal CTCTexture repaintability
  • Fixed Streetdeck HEV Driverside panel mapping
  • Fixed Streetdeck HEV Rear desti-box using wrong material
  • Fixed coin texture having blue haze
  • Fixed Streetdeck overhead cab buttons being illuminated when elec/master is off
  • Fixed kneeling interlock
  • Fixed door open button not illuminating
  • Fixed fan button not illuminating when pressed
  • Fixed Sparfax mirror rotation
  • Fixed dodgy bake on Assault Screen
  • Fixed missing UD handrail connectors
  • Fixed floating clips on Streetdeck 10.5m
  • Fixed windscreen washers
  • Optimised some textures
  • Removed £20 note (many ticketpacks didn't support it)
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