Buses [Official DLC] Masterbus Gen 3 Pack (£13.50)


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Mar 22, 2016
The Masterbus Gen 3 Pack is now available for purchase!

Q: Where can I get the manual?
A: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/577191344871571469/610765035056398348/Manual_OMSI_2_Add-on_Masterbus_Gen_3_Pack_en_web.pdf

Q: I can't start the bus! Help!
A: All buses can be "quickstarted" by pressing E 3 times, like Morphi's Citaro.

Q: What setvars are there?
A: Read the manual.

Q: Where is the free version?
A: The free version will be on Steam, hopefully by end of the day (13/08)

Q: Will I have to pay for updates?
A: No.

Q: Where can I find templates?
A: In the _Templates folder in the texture folder

Q: The sounds are quiet!
A: We've adjusted the sounds to be as accurate as possible, with a few exceptions. Everything was playtested before release. Check your sound configuration first! If it still persists, we will look into it.
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Aug 10, 2016
Massive thank you to all involved at Masterswitch Studios. Had a quick drive and loving it so far.

Really appreciate all your hard work. Thank you

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Jul 4, 2017
Steam are having issues iirc and they will try and release it soon
:) Steam always have issues, anyway its good to go with your gut (If you have one) and watch the youtube videos of this amazing pack and then order it cause ya wont regret itttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
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Apr 1, 2016
Excellent bus ,but the engine is not loud on all buses in the pack?
WrightBus soundproof their buses fairly well (which is reflected in the product), so are difficult to record hence why the sounds are quieter than your "standard" OMSI bus.

Or so I am told (And see BlueOrange's post above).