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Yes, there are just pics of the bus. Me thinks whoever did it just put a bus inside a small road...
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It would be nice if people here would stop slamming on every new map that comes up with a Citaro... Really could be more constructive with reasons why you don't think something is good or give it a chance to actually release before making comment.
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Because DLC is often expected to add something new to a game. I'm not saying a new map isn't a good thing, it's the fact that they always seem a little half arsed when the same bus is thrown in all the time.
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Well, of the photos we've been given, one is a Google Maps image of what they want to create and the other 14 are of the Citaro in the same place on the map. Given they're trying to sell a map here, they seem strangely reluctant to show the progress on this map that's releasing in 2 months.
The most shown off of the map in the screenshots is this:
I'm seeing here: terrain painted with default OMSI texture, default Spandau building to construct a big Hotel/Office building, default bus stop shelter, street lamps and repainted default bus stop flag and one of the terrain splines packs use to create pavements. If this was a freeware map, it'd give it top marks for being a nice generic-German map, but I'd expect some more custom content for a payware map (see Hamburg and all it's unique junctions and textures), especially given this is meant to give me a Swiss feel.
Looking at the Citaro, it does appear at least to have a different centre of dashboard, some other new cab electronics and a lunchbox holder on the left side, but other than that it's a Citaro like the rest of them. It being a mod of an existing freeware Citaro would be nice, but I guess you can't do that with a payware addon.

I'm looking at pictures of buses in Luzern on Flickr and I'm seeing all sorts of really interesting trolley buses on other lines in Luzern:
And if you wanted something that would actually be fully supported in OMSI there's more current (left) and slightly older (right) options, both of which I'm not sure I've ever seen in OMSI before:
But instead we get another Citaro, of a type I can barely even find a picture of in Luzern...

Maybe when they show some actual screenshots of the map (the main premise of the addon existing at all) I can find something (perhaps the advertised "original textured buildings and objects") to relieve it of it's "yet another Citaro" status.​
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Personally, not that I'm complaining , ( Well I am ) The map looks pretty crud just by looking at the front cover of the addon ,
Personally I think I will only buy the addon to have another bus which I will probably never use :P but ohwell, I hope it is cheap !!! :D



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Is no one else slightly triggered that we're getting another Citaro. We're buying these DLCs paying for the map content and the bus, but all of them have the some bloody one in it. It's a bit of a joke tbh.


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Remember how London started off when Aerosoft first announced it. The quality was terrible, I decided to take more time out just to ensure the quality factor is there. Hopefully the Luzern developer follows down the same route.
Going off the CD cover, it doesn't seem to be the best of maps. Perhaps the developers could look into different methods to construct their crossings/buildings. Hopefully over the coming months we can see if the Luzern's development improves. They just need to be provided with the right feedback and encouragement.

Aside from the above, I think OMSI add-ons are now starting to get very predictable with Citaros. The European UK market has a large range of buses, not sure why most add-on developers restrict themselves to Citaros, of which, most are only modified versions from previous project releases.


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Poor OMSI, I'd happily pay for iomex's work and UKDT (maybe can pay for a map in the near future) but I'd also pay for a Polish map, Poznan, Fictional Szcezcin and Wrocław even Kajot3D and V3D could cut it but the quality control from Aerosoft is shocking at best.

Seems music and games have fallen into that dustbin category; if it fits, throw it in! And hope no one notices!


Probably the only thing I'm looking forward to is the DDU in the bus, sighs another Citaro although it's a just a lil diff.

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