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This is a good map, interesting routes. By AgoraRATP i think. Only drawback is the end stop isn't clearly marked


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Works perfect for me. Not loads of passengers though. That is my only let down. Millions at the massy gare but not many elsewhere that I have noticed so far. Also AI is bloody annoying as you cant even go over a roundabout without being hit.

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Seems to work fine for me, but with around 10 fps. Yes, I don't have the best laptop in the world but I can still get 40 - 50 fps on BoTW. This just goes to show that it isn't optimised. But remember, it is a freeware map, so it doesn't have to be perfect. :)
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For the price of £0.00/$0.00 you get a nice mixture of Urban and Rural France, quite good detail and some other French stuff. Not many passengers for me either but I don't have my 'Maximum Passenger' setting on full so yeh. The AI is bloody useless, worse drivers than real life UK! Barging onto roundabouts, not stopping unless they are at traffic lights or a queue. I was doing a 3 point turn in a bus after I went the wrong way and the AI car approaching didn't stop and slammed into the side of me! The map is set in France Region 91, part of the Ile De France area surrounding Paris.

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