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ODD Haulage are currently recruiting all drivers!

We are a brand new VTC only recently opening our doors to the general public.
We are recruiting all drivers of all experience.
We have 3 community owners with years of experience of running community's.

What can we offer you ask?

A platform where you can meet other drivers
Realism to your game (Some of our members are IRL truck drivers)
Opportunities to become staff members and climb ranks
Competitions (Win games, DLC's)

What do we need from you?

All's we ask is you follow rules
Deliver a minimum of 5 loads per week
Be active and integrate with our community.

If ODD appeals to you, please feel free to check our website out by clicking here https://oddhaulage.enjin.com/ and making an application on our website.
Alternatively If you have any questions or need to speak to a staff member please join our discord at your earliest convenience

Kindest regards
Unorthodox - CEO.


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