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First West Yorkshire vegetable
Transdev Keighley & District Wright StreetLite 610 (SN64 CTX) is seen on the A6033 (Keighley Road) whilst working towards Hebden Bridge on Route 500 (now the Brontebus B3) in October 2015. (EDIT: @Hullian111 Snap!)
[UK] Transdev Keighley Wright StreetLite 610.jpg

First West Yorkshire Wright StreetLite 63295 (SL15 ZGB) is seen at the University of Bath Cotterell today whilst operating on the U18. It is on loan to First West of England as a repaint float whilst Cotterell's MAN A21s are repainted into First's Urban livery.
[UK] First West Yorkshire Wright StreetLite 63295.jpg
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For the first time in a while I'm not driving an Arriva Liveried Vehicle. I am driving a First Leicester Branded Streetdeck ready to go to Morton to start it's day on Service 3 to Lea Green! Credit to Myles and whoever else helped him with this fantastic repaint.


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