Nu-Venture - Transbus ALX400 (London Variant)

Repaints Nu-Venture - Transbus ALX400 (London Variant) V1.1

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Nu-Venture - Transbus ALX400 (London Variant) - An Nu-Venture repaint for V3D Studios Transbus ALX400

Nu-Venture - V3D Studios Transbus ALX400 (London Variant)
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This repaint is based on Kent bus operator Nu-Venture Coaches Limited the specific vehicle it is aimed to resemble is one of their former Metroline London Transbus ALX400s that being LK05GHA (TA654).

Sambob_12 : Fonts
Darren Walker : Colours, Reference and Stickers
V3D : Donators version of the Transbus ALX400
The Community : General Support and...​
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