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About us:

Founded on the 27th September 2015, we're a new company looking to increase expansion. We aim to be the best possible by aiming to be professional and respectful to others. Currently owned by me and Smurfy, we are looking for more drivers and mangers of different abilities. We are looking for relatively active members which can come to company and other company convoys at least twice a week. We also ask that you're at least 13 years old if you'd like apply. We accept anyone from anywhere around the World as long as your English is good enough.

Company information and rules:
We currently have our own website in production, our own (24/7) TeamSpeak Server and other services that all of our members can use to their advantage!
  • NE Tr currently uses this paint job for all of its trucks:

  • We currently do not have a truck of preference, however when going to convoys, we all ask that we all use the same vehicle, which would be the Mercedes pictured above (axle config does not matter)
  • We would ask that you all put [NE Tr] in front of your name on Steam
  • We would expect all drivers to be able to behave on the road

Final Rule:
Have fun... We don't want to be a boring company, we want to also have fun!

Staff information:
Staff as of 28/09/2015:
The Hagster [CEO]
Smurfy [CEO]
Shawn M [COO + Events Manager]
Stingray 060 [Lead Developer + Head Examiner]

Vacant positions:
Recruitment Manager/ Assistant
Assistant Events Manager
Assistant Examiner
Driving Trainer Manager
Fleet Manager

Joining us:
Finally, if you would like to apply to join for any of the roles, please begin with using this link:
Link to Application Form!

If you would like to speak to anyone, please check out these:
TeamSpeak: (Ask to speak to The Hagster if anyone's there)
Website: Currently under productions as of 28/09/2015 - and will be up by the 10/10/2015
Message me on Steam: My Steam Profile



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