Not a bug No edit button for seldom-created posts again


bruh momentum
Aug 5, 2017
I'm able to edit my own replies to a post on my Windows 10.1 laptop, but I am unable to edit my own threads - there is a substantial lack of an edit button. Is this an issue on my end - is it tucked away under some hidden place - or has the cache/site design broken again?

UPDATE: Huh, I can edit this post in here. Is this an issue with certain parts of the forums? The issue arose in the 'Buses' section, under no subforurms - check post listed.


Dec 10, 2015
This is intentional. You aren't able to edit your original opening post in the thread due to it being posted past the edit/delete time limit, which is set to 30 mins. There are some forum sections which have exceptions to the limits, including the WIP sections.