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I'm only playing game for a five days but I'm definitely in love with it and have allready 25 hours in.

The first question would be :

Considering Oregon DLC is pretty much new, was New Mexico DLC on a significant discount from realise? (I can't say enough how much I enjoy the game at the moment and would definitely love to try all the game DLCs but unfortunately 22 euros for a DLCs is significant amount of money for me currently)

The second question : FetLife

Just for the curiosity I checked ETS and ETS2 for prices (because coming from Europe would absolutely love to experience that also) and noticed that from all three games only original ETS have multiplayer tag on store page, so what is going on with that?

Anyway thanks for possible answers and drive safe!!!

PS: I have no interest in cosmetic DLCs atm because I use only views from the cabin or direct from the road
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I don't believe New Mexico was sold at a lower price at launch. The price that it is retailing now is the price that the DLC was being sold at in the Autumn Sales. The price it is at right now, is the lowest it has been. Here is a graph showing the prices Steam have been retailing the DLC for.

The multiplayer tag on the Steam store for the original ETS is most likely an error.
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