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Hey everyone! I'm creating a new ETS2 virtual company!

It's in early development, but I'm looking for some people to help create it with me. I've got the website up with it, but I need some staff members for it.

In a few months, I am going to start development of my own VTC CMS, which will be used for my VTC, as well as being sold to anyone.

it's currently up, with enough to work with submitting jobs and what not. But still going through heavy customizing.
To join, go to
If you want to help me develop this, please send me private message!

More info about the company will be posted tomorrow. For right now, know that we do lots of events, live streaming, convoys, best driver for most loads, amount earned money wise, and more!

This company is a part of the Coffecraft Gaming Community.

For the CMS right now, we are using Trucknet 2.0
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Moved to the VTC forums so you get a better response. You could just use The managed TruckNet that is going to be released soon. Then you wont have deal with database errors. ;)


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Good Luck with your new VTC @mop8899,

There are some good resources around this forum on how to start a VTC you can always make use of them.
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