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Has anyone looked or tried a new truck simulator being advertised on Aerosoft, its om offer at the moment. looking at the video it seems a bit limited in truck selection with only MAN and Scania with low spec engines. some of the scenery and services look very similar to ETS. I keep am open mind but feel a bit of loyalty to SCS.



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as it is still in early access I'd say waiting is the best bet for now, its a very ambitious project that the devs have taken on and at the moment the cons seem to outweigh the pros. for now I'd stick with ets2 but it is good to see some potential competition for scs


Key point; its a game. Same with the latest installment of Bus Simulator. Nothing in the world of trucks beats ETS2/ATS in my opinion when it comes to that type of truck simulations, and the same goes with OMSI and buses. If you ask me, its a completely different kettle of fish.


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If I remember rightly, this is more about local/regional multidrop than ETS's cabotage/tramping setup - although it mentions nothing like that on the Steam page (maybe I got it from a forum?). If this is the case, then there are a number of problems:

  • Multidrop work is mostly fiddling around with difficult access in small town centres, residential deliveries, farm deliveries, etc. This map appears to feature mainly extra and interurban roads

  • Loading and weight is a bigger element of driving than trunking - you have a diminishing load which you have to calculate after each drop to work out your CoG (You feel your CoG shifting a lot during your shift... is this a physics element this game includes?).

  • Multidrop IRL is not fun, and is inherently not fun in a game. On multidrop, 50% of your time is working, the other 50% driving, so there wouldn't be much gameplay

  • You'd really need an 'on foot' element to make such gameplay workable, even if it's just switching to a forklift to offload the correct pallets.
Of course, I could be completely wrong, and they've moved away from multidrop to W&D trunking (i.e. trailer swaps). If this is the case, they've saved themselves a lot of effort, but have swerved right into the path of ETS, which is not the place to be.


seen videos on youtube and personally in my opinion i wouldnt touch it not because i am a big scs supporter i mean he is very brave on what he is trying to do i mean scs have had a foothold on the truck simulation market for along time now and well i get what he is trying to achieve at the moment the price puts me off a little but i dont know if i would buy the game right now.

i just see it as a copy on ets and ats but if it did things differently something that ats or ets didnt do then maybe but still wouldnt buy the game just for one feature lets say
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