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Jan 10, 2014
Seems like SCS has not given up or forgotten about some of their older games such as Trucks & Trailers.
Today SCS made a blog post about a new update to their game Trucks & Trailers(quite similar to Scania Truck Sim).
This new update to the game brings lots and lots of steam achievements which can be unlocked by archiving something in-game.

Read the Blog post here:

A frequently asked question concerning ETS2 is when are we going to add achievements to the game. We are aware that achievements could increase the enjoyment of the game (some of us are Steam achievement hunters too!) and we are working towards them, but it may take a while before we are ready to release an update with achievements for everyone. Your ideas for achievements posted in Steam Discussions and on other places are highly valuable for us, so keep them coming!

Sometimes before we go and try to implement something new in the bigger game, we use an older game of ours as the testing and proving grounds. This time Trucks & Trailers got into such role.

Formerly in-game-only achievements in this game are now available as Steam achievements, too. Your achievements and progress will synchronize with Steam after opening your game profile. Full achievements list is here.

You can also compete with your Steam friends and other Steam users thanks to the Steam leaderboards support for all combinations of difficulties and levels.

Steam cloud saves are now supported in Trucks & Trailers too, so you can continue your game on any PC. No need to worry about profile backups, just launch the game anywhere from the Steam client and play.


Mar 21, 2014
I don't see why they would bother working on trucks & trailers anymore, they might as well put the effort into ETS2 or ATS instead.


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Apr 1, 2014
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I don't blame them because what if the achievements didn't work. The SCS Forums would've been spammed to death, TruckSim Central would've also been spammed to death because TruckSim Central is one of the largest ETS2 Communities that are on the internet. Also, would you buy American Truck Simulator if SCS can't even get Steam Achievements working? I wonder what happens if you were to use a 100% save on Trucks and Trailers, you would get a lot of steam achievements!
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