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hi im @W942 ULL and i have made this to try and reach out to everyone to talk about the negativity on this fourm i thin that this is getting to much with people saying that they think people are being stupid jsut casue they want to make a bus or saying things such as " i cant see you being able to make a bus / map or you wont do it / it wont get done " its just unfair on people and i personally am a kind person and do not like seeing this no one should think of themselves as better just cause they have more posts and likes excetra being behind a screen and typing unfair things make you look like a low person so jsut dont do it it would be nice to see more friendliness on fellowsfilm forums and together we could achieve that so please support people and be nice if not dont say anything at all



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Locking to prevent argument while staff discussion is ongoing


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This topic is staying locked because no good will come of it, it will spiral in to another argument like the one we already locked.

I would like to remind everyone to treat each other with respect:
4. Treat others as you wish to be treated. That is to say: be polite and don’t be generally rude. Before you post, read what you're written and ask: "Is this stupid? Is this going to make someone angry or insulted? Does this add anything to the conversation?".
If any content breaks the rules, report it and the moderation team shall deal with it. Escalating arguments just upsets yourself and others, and leaves more mess for the moderators clean up. Arguments are also an excellent way to earn yourself warning points.

To those who are starting projects: the WIP section has a rule that new threads must include a screenshot showing reasonable progress, otherwise please post within "What's on my workbench". Announcing "I am making X" without evidence of having done any significant work may provoke negative responses.
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