need some help doing a new map what should i call it ? (1 Viewer)

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@Fellowslothb that is quite clearly a meteorite, it's made of rock and falling through the upper levels of an atmosphere, hence the space behind has a blue colour.

I've got some great name suggestions, so here's your comet @jbsilverboy :

Anyway, in all seriousness, it's probably best to avoid anything ending "-thorpe", given the silliness that seems to have developed around "thorpe maps being bad".
While generic-sounding names do exist in the real world, they tend to sound a bit tacky when you've had the choice over the name, especially if they're dissimilar to names of the local area you place your map in (e.g. Greenville or Oak Creek would be very American names, not suited to a map you might decide to place in the top left-hand corner of Wales, where Merioneth or Llantisilly might be more appropriate).
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