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I downloaded this flatbed trailer mod a couple days ago and even though I like it, I believe it's causing problems internally in my game. My biggest current issue is my company, I have 4 drivers all ranging in skill from 0.8 to 2.5 and every one is losing money. My 2 2.5 level drivers are losing almost 6 grand a day for me, and my other 2 that I just hired are also losing money. I took out a loan of 400k to get my company started, and it's bled me dry in between the losing money and the rigs I bought.

Between the 4 drivers I'm losing between 20-30k a day. I didn't notice how much money I was losing until recently, so I've been trying to retrace my steps to see if a mod is causing the issue. Since the last mod I installed was the one listed above, I deactivated that mod first. My next move was to restart the game and speed up the time by resting but the game crashes when I try to play. I activated the mod again and shocker, all of a sudden the game works. I'm not sure what to do next though.


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