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Hi everyone.

I downloaded a Russian bus, and i enjoy it, but like 99% of russian buses, passengers can enter the bus not only from the front door but also the middle and rear doors.

That's normal in Russia, but here it is extremely rare, people only enter from rear doors when the bus is too crowded that the driver cant open the front door, and in 99% of these situations, the bus just wont pick any passengers at all. So i want to edit the bus to make passengers only enter from the front door.

I already know i need to edit the passengercabin.cfg of the bus to make passengers go to front door instead of middle or rear. That works with some buses. But with this bus, and most Russian or Polish ones, if i just edit that file, passengers will go to the front door but they will not enter the bus if the middle/rear door is closed, even if the front door is open. I want to fix that but i dont know where is the script and what i need to change. I think i need to edit something in door.osc but i dont know what.

I appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.


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