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Well i have been Trucking these last 2 months with ETS2 and i think personally they have done a great job with this sim,

The ai are just like in the real world for cutting me up! and installing some very good Mods has made it even better were i am now at the stage i really do not want any more,

As a retired European Trucker of many years on the road i do get the feeling within reason of the sim of being back there. it certainly will keep me going these coming winter months.

As said just my thoughts, have you any?

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I was always into driving games as I always wanted to drive so trucking was something different to driving the cars in Live For Speed. I enjoyed the size and the difficulty of having to coordinate better as well. Now I'm actually driving a car it's just something different for me. Just racking up miles without worrying about any real-life costs on gas, damages, etc. Also the scenery. The devs have done a fantastic job on making some places look beautiful, even for a simulator.
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I have now 1,000 hours in ETS2.
I love it, it is very similar to the real life. SCS try their best to have the most realistic game as possible.
They always add new content to have a best quality of the game.
They progressed a lot, and that's a very good thing. For exemple, the Scandinavia DLC is pretty different of the based map, and it is absolutely more beautiful !
The sceneries are gorgeous !
They do a very nice job, and we have to thanks them and support them. :)
Also, there are lots of mods. There are trucks, trailers, skins, sounds, maps, etc.
The game is varied (For exemple, the game is a truck simulator, but we can even drive cars and coaches with mods !).

Personally, I'm a student so I don't have a car or a truck.
But I'd like to have a job relevant to trucks (like the management or something like that).

To finish, I'd like to say that Euro Truck Simulator 2 is my favorite game.
I love take pictures, as you probably know. ;)
Euro Truck Simulator is the best truck simulator, for sure !
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with 1,014 hours, it is my most played game in my steam list, with the next game being prison architect at 107 hours, it is PROBABLY my favorite game of all time... GTA SA is a bit up there, stiff competition :p reasons i like it are 1: i love trucks, but when i got the game, i certainly did not like trucks as much as i do now, but it was still great at that time, 2 is just how well made it is, i could go on for hours, but i will keep it simple, the UI compared to most simulator games is spectacular, it dosent take up half the screen, and its just nice to look at. also it has pretty graphics, well optimized, and supports plenty of devices to use with the game.

Recently however, I have been playing a lot less of the game, mainly because half the time, im just making textures to use with my trucks, and im spending more time with the real machines, photographing them and stuff, but all of that is because of the game so its okay :p[email protected]/
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