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.: About Us :.

We're a Virtual Trucking Company based in London, UK! We officially opened on the 17th October 2015. Movin' Forward Logistics is determined to keep improving and develop a better environment for its drivers and the wider community. We recruit drivers from around the world!

Here at Movin' Forward Logistics we strive to ensure all drivers are safe and rewarded for thier hard work.

At the moment we are small. But with the help of some talented individuals - you! - we will be one of the best,

Our Slogan : "Life may throw you down, but keep Movin' Forward! No matter what happens"

.: Staff Vacancies :.
We are currently looking for experienced drivers and staff for join this VTC!
Here are the current vacant spots available:

.: VTC Management :.

Vacant - Chief Executive Officer
Vacant - System Administrator
Vacant - Managing Director
Vacant - Staff Training Advisor

.: Developors :.

Vacant - Graphics Developor
Vacant - Truck Decal Designer
Vacant - Map/Mod Developor

.: Movin' Forward Logistics Managment Crew :.

Vacant - Managing Director
Vacant - Supervisor

To apply for a job please go to the website and click on the "Apply" tab. From there, you can find out more information regarding what roles are available and how to apply.


.: Requirments :.
To join Movin' Forward Logistics you must fill the following criteria:

- Minimum Age 10
- Be able to understand and speak English (doesn't have to be first language)
- Active on ETS2.
- Show respect and manners towards other drivers/staff/ETS2:MP Users
- Log your journeys on the VTC Panel

Once you fill out an application you should hear a response via Steam within 24-48 hours.
After you have been approved you will be put under a test period.
This test period will make sure you are sutible for Movin' Forward Logistics.
We will check this by checking your attitude and driving skills in Convoys.

You will be given access to the VTC Panel so you can record and log your journeys

.: Contact Us! :.
If you have any further questions about our VTC feel free to reply to this fourm thread, we will try our best to get back to you.
You can also send us messages though our Facebook page

Do you have what it takes to join Movin' Forward Logistics?
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