More than one Kenworth!?


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Jan 12, 2014
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It can't just be me that's noticed this, so thought I'd stick up a post here!

At the start of January SCS posted a render of a Kenworth interior, I'm guessing it's the W900 or something like that, but I'm not really as knowledgeable with american trucks so let me know what it is if you know!

And then on Thursday they posted another render, that is showing the T680 that we'd previously seen the exterior view for..

So does this mean that there's going to be more than one model of Kenworth in ATS, and could that also imply that there will be more than one model of say, Peterbilt? We'll have to wait and see! It is however nice to see that they're putting effort into providing different models from the same brand of trucks, and that there seems to be a reasonable level of detail in the interiors, even if it is mostly textures! :)


Apr 19, 2014
If I remember correctly, the Iveco and DAF trucks have the same interiors. The T660 and the W900 actually have the same cab and sleepers. The only difference is the hood, the air filters on the side of the hood, and the exhaust on the side of the sleeper.