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After much thought and discussion, we've made the decision to open moderator applications to assist us with recruiting new staff members to our team.

The role of moderator is demanding and requires good judgement. Please only apply if you truly believe you are fit for the job, as the application process will not be easy.

If you pass the initial application stage and are chosen, you will be introduced to the team as a Junior Moderator until the Moderation Team Leader finds you fit to be raised to a regular Moderator.

Please only apply if you meet the following requirements. Any applicants that don't reach these will be instantly rejected:
  • You must have been registered on the forums for at least 3 months.
  • You must have no warning points issued to your account.
  • You must have over 100 posts (please do not start posting useless comments in order to reach this limit - we'll be reading over your posts).
  • Must not backseat moderate.
  • Must be aged 16 years or older.
Please note that special considerations can be made. If you do not meet one of these requirements but still strongly believe you are a suitable applicant, you may still apply. If you do so, please leave a note about this in the Additional Comments section of the application form and we'll take your application into consideration.

Applications now closed.

Application Form

Best of luck!
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