Model Railways/Buses

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Eduardo Messaggi

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Nov 27, 2016
Here's my collection, apologies for the low quality camera.

Most of these models are boxed, a handful of them are unboxed

There're also some other oddities of model cars as well at the very bottom of the page

There are also a model at the back of the shelf, I believe it's a Arriva North London Mercedes Citaro, but I'm not entirely sure

N531 DWM

I like Darts.
Oct 25, 2016
New arrival today and another new addition to the collection is EFE 27504 Kentish Bus (N252BKK) Scania L1113CRL boxed as an Endurance but actually an Axcess-Ultralow.
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Apr 5, 2016
I've collected a total of 39 model buses and coaches since 2009. They're all unboxed and on display. Here's a couple of my favourite models.

I also have a OO Gauage class 350 set. The tracks are in dire need of repair which I'll get around to doing eventually


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Jul 1, 2016
The postlord delivered these today, only the Northern Spirit and Arriva Pacers are to see service.
  • Arriva Trains Northern 142090
  • Regional Railways North East/Tyne and Wear PTE 142029 - windows donated to Northern Rail 142026 already in my fleet
  • Northern Spirit/Arriva Trains Northern 142066/124074 joint numbered
  • British Rail/GMPTE 142013 (DMS only) - will be used as spare parts