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Completely reworked weather using 92 texture sky high resolution
as well as the light from the lamps and headlamps traffic.
In addition to the HD version with a version of the compressed textures for holders of weak iron.
1. 30 variants day.
2. 18 variants dawn.
3. 15 variants sunset.
4. 14 variants evening.
5. 3 types of rain.
6. Several variants nights.
7. Adjust the frequency of morning fog, heavy fog rare.
8. Configured HDR. for night glow light sources. No excess of bloom.
9. Orange lighting lanterns.
10. Flare made ??traffic.
11. Shadows of clouds.

Change in current version v20 r2

- Rain. Added several options of redesigned drops on the glass.
- HDR. Correct deficiencies, added blue in the afternoon, minor edits.
- Day. Added cloudless sky in the ratio 1/6.
- Lights. Headlights slightly brighter dimmed flyers for normal display afternoon.
- Аnd much more.

Files to combine fashion with maps TSM Map 4.7.2, TSM Map 7.0 from mario1961, Promods v1.62, Ro Map Add-On V3.4, RusMap_v1.2 in the archive with the mod.


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Download Link

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