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This pack contain all essential mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2 with these features:

AI Fixes:

  • Adds missing side mirror to the AI Renault, Scania and Volvo trucks.
  • Added more variants of AI trucks (with different cabin and chassis configurations).
  • Traffic vehicles that are not set to appear in a specific country will still appear rarely.
  • AI trucks will now transport all trailer types available in the game.
  • Added the missing chassis badge numbers to the traffic MAN trucks.
  • Made the MB Actros, Renault Magnum, Renault Premium, Scania R, Scania Streamline and Volvo FH16 traffic trucks use the detailed model when close up like the other trucks.
  • Fixed lod models of the Accord, Fabia, Octavia and Punto to use the correct wheels.
  • Adds missing stock exhaust to the AI DAF trucks.
  • Traffic Panel Transporter trailers no longer shows up as the red variant only.
  • Adjusted maximum speed of some AI vehicles.
  • Added roof decals to traffic Volvo FH trucks.
  • Traffic Scania Streamline uses the correct engine and grille combination.
Dealer Fixes:

  • Missing Euro 6 badges added to the Scania Streamlines at the truck dealer.
  • DC16 V8 engines are also available for the Scania Streamline normal cab.
  • Base model Volvo FH 420 is now avaliable as a starter truck, while the base model FH16 540 Classic will only unlock at level 9 (at level 9 you can choose between the FH 500 or the FH16 540 Classic).
  • Top range Renault Magnum is now fitted with the 520hp engine as stock.
  • The FH16 600 Globetrotter 6×2 is also available at small truck dealers.
  • Scania Streamline default paintjob now available as stock at the truck dealers.
  • Missing side mirror on one of the DAF, MAN and Iveco dealers’ trucks has been added as default.
  • Fixed inconsistencies between UK and Europe truck dealers (some of the same trucks had different gearboxes installed).
  • Fixed UK exclusive dashboard image of MAN TGX.
  • New Volvo FH Globetrotter and FH16 750 decals are only available for Globetrotter cab while Globetrotter XL and FH16 750 XL decals are only available for Globetrotter XL cab.
  • Front mirror of the Scania Streamline Topline cab as well as the sunshield of the normal and highline cabs has been changed to use the correct one.
  • Front mirror of the MAN TGX for XL and XLX cabs has been changed to use the correct one.
  • Default paintjob of the MAN TGX 18.680 V8 has been changed to use the V8 black paintjob, while the 26.540 truck beside it now uses the Shadow gray paintjob instead.
  • The Iveco Stralis Hi-Way is also avaliable at small Iveco dealers.
  • A 6×4 model is offered by the DAF truck dealer by default.
Trailer Fixes:

  • Made the Container trailer use the Schmitz universal trailer shadow texture instead of from the food cistern trailer.
  • Fixed Gooseneck cargo (30ft) model. Previously the red and green color variants were mapped to the wrong look.
  • Corrected wheels of the Skoda Octavia cargo on the car transporter.
  • Parked trailers now use the detailed model instead, since there is a bug where the trailer doesn’t change to a higher quality model when it is picked up by the player.
  • Made the Reefer trailer use the Krone Cool Liner trailer shadow texture instead of from the food cistern trailer.
  • Added ui shadow for the opentop trailer in freight market.
  • Fixed the lod models of the Container and Reefer trailers so that the trailers do not disappear from far.
  • Gooseneck chassis and cargo now shows up in all 3 color variants.
  • Fixes missing lod of the brick, chemical and fuel cistern trailers.
  • Opentop trailer shadow bug fixed.
Truck Fixes:

  • MAN 324kW (440hp) engine type is changed to D2066, since the D2676 range only starts from 353kW (480hp) onwards.
  • Gearbox name corrections for Iveco Stralis, MAN TGX and Renault trucks.
  • Fixed the “400″ badge texture of the MAN.
  • DAF XF stock left exhaust does not conflict with the right exhaust.
  • Fixed torque value in engine def files of Iveco Stralis Hi-Way 360hp and 400hp engines.
  • Default decal used for the Globetrotter XL cab of the new Volvo FH16 has been changed to the correct one.
  • Fixed Iveco Stralis Hi-Way naming problem. It no longer shows up as the Iveco Hi-Way Hi-Way at driver manager.
  • The sideskirt of the 4×2 Iveco Stralis Hi-Way can now be removed.
  • MAN LHD dashboard “30″ and “50″ kph readings do not disappear at night.
  • Mercedes-Benz Actros engine names corrected (no longer using the 18xx chassis format).
  • Corrected cabin names of the Iveco Stralis and the Renault Magnum.

  • V8 black paintjob is now used by the MAN first job truck.
  • Added roof decals and changed standard interior into exclusive interior of the new Volvo FH first job truck.
  • Fixed inconsistency of parts available between LHD/RHD quick job trucks as well as increased engines variety.
  • Concrete cargo added for transport.
  • Fixed chassis badge number of the quick job MAN TGX 6X4 trucks (from 26 to 33).
  • Added the removed “Express” paintjob.
  • Adjusted stock exhaust pipe price of Iveco Stralis Hi-Way to match the Iveco Stralis.
  • Added retarder to the DAF, old Iveco, MAN, MB, Renault and Volvo Classic first job trucks.
  • Added new real logos.
  • Add more stock trailers to the game.
Credits: Pete379jp, lonestranger, Diago Sofrano a.k.a zeroniner, Yusuf Bolukbasi, LT-Schall, ND4SPD Racer.
Compatibility: ETS2 1.10.x++

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