Truck MOD-eartor: Bus – VW IDEALE 770 v1.0

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Compatible ETS2 version: 1.9.x to 1.10.x
Dealership: DAF XF
Engine and Transmission Real Sound: Not available
Interior (1): VW – Exclusive
Chassis (1): 4×2
Color: Only one option of customizable color that will only affect the sign.
Commands: L (left window animation); The (internal light); Space Bar (hand brake)
gPS; sign; platelets; License plate; parasol; Rodoar; Passengers.
Amparo; Atar; Boraceia; Breda 1; Breda 2; Cerro Azul; comet; Costa Verde; Maringá; ocean; silver; Iapó; Jabour; Lev; Green Bird; Princess; Real Bus; St. Hedwig; Tijuca; Transtupi; Transturismo; Util Classico and Skin Edit (blank template will be replaced by the skin edited by the user).
Will be added in \ Documents \ Euro Truck Simulator 2 directory \ mod the following files:
ideale770_lb_1.9.x_1.10.x_bus.scs (protected file, you may not edit or extract its contents, copyright to authors);
ideale770_lb_1.9.x_1.10.x_edit.scs (open file for editing with free bases of skin, placard and license plates).
Tip: For more realism in colors and effect Tranparência in glasses, disable HDR in graphic options.
Enjoy it all …
Only require to keep the credits who is right and the original link if they share other channels.
Reviews are welcome, provided there is no correlation with offensive or aggressive attitudes dissatisfaction.
Future updates or corrections only by needs arising out of any game updates.

Design and Modeling: Luciano Blecha ETS2 Conversion and edition Andreis Days

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I do not own this mod. His Own Link is Original. Not Pirated.

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