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After finding "Trabant Dave" is also a modeller I thought I would start a thread where anyone interested in collecting or making model buses etc in any scale, could post photos & have discussions.
Kicking it off, with all of the current interest in the ALX400 here are some pics of a bus in my current collection -
Creative Master Northcord ALX's circa early 2000.


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Restored Spot-On 1/43 Routemaster, produced between 1961-65, repainted, new reproduction decals and extra detailing

Original London Transport Gibson ticket machine, built early 1950's, used until 1993.
This one has been serviced and the eagle-eyed will notice it prints pre-decimal fare values, and is 'dressed' for trolleybus route 657 to match the model! The cash bag, badge webbing and bib are all real LT items collected over quite a period of time to complete the ensemble. For a future upload on the shelf below (well spotted!) are a pair of Sunstar RT's - both roofbox models, one pre-war and one post-war. I'll also be putting pics up of some more scratchbuild models and Sunstars, and the Gilbow DMS which is a beauty.

OK so it's not a model - but I couldn't resist sharing it with you good folk




EYMS Buses Really Mean Business
I love how you all have time for this scratch-build stuff. Meanwhile, I've got a third-party playworn Stagecoach ALX400 and some more, most notably an old KHCT something stored under my bed that need restoring to mint condition before I can put them on my shelf. And that goes for the playworn EYMS President and a whole bunch more I played with in my youth currently in the attic.

There's no replacement engine panel for the Stagecoach ALX400, and who knows if there's any parts for that KHCT double decker, but for the EYMS President, at least there's a front window I can replace. Meanwhile, the Manchester Routemaster is in surprisingly almost-new condition, and its on my shelf. I'm running out of shelf space badly, though

If only my dad told me not to play with valuable models all those years ago...


Meanwhile, planning to offload the Hull Dart one day with missing front window, paint chipping, mirrors and tyres (I think the frame is buckled?), since I already have that one in (almost) pristine condition.
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Wow - I can hardly believe the quality of some of the modelmaking here! My best efforts at IRL modelling are a little scratchbuilt 009 diesel loco on a circa 70s/80s Farish Jinty chassis...
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Wow - I can hardly believe the quality of some of the modelmaking here! My best efforts at IRL modelling are a little scratchbuilt 009 diesel loco on a circa 70s/80s Farish Jinty chassis...
Funny thing is I just cannot get my head around 3D modelling on the computer! I am very 'old-school'; create/use paper drawings & diagrams, rulers, craft knives etc, and sheet polystyrene in assorted thicknesses; for compound curves I use a skim of car body filler over a balsa former. All very traditional methods that I've used since the 1970's!

The computer is used to create posters, adverts and destination blinds, which are laser-printed on decal film; A massive improvement over the old freehand creation of these items. When I first started making blinds it was a case of individually applying tiny 1mm waterslide letters using spit and a cocktail stick.....

I take my hat off to the guys who are creating such amazing models to use in OMSI, and wish I had the ability - there would be RT's, RF's and Trolleybuses galore!

I've just picked up a 3d printed Tatra KT4D tram in 1/43 which is my first foray into this new medium and I'm looking forward to the build; aside from the shell everything else will be scratchbuilt and the end result will be motorised and fully lit using LEDs. It will make a nice case-mate for a Berlin Rekowagen I already have.

The KT4D tram that has recently been released for OMSI is pretty fantastic; I first encountered the real thing (and the Reko) when I visited what was 'East Germany' - the DDR - back in the mid 1980's and there is still a few in service. Sadly they are likely to be gone within a few months and I will be doing my best to visit Berlin before they vanish. Another piece of my younger days consigned to history. It's not all bad news though; many former DDR cities sold their Tatra cars to towns and cities in Poland, a country I visit regularly as my wife is Polish, so there is still opportunities to ride the KT4D!!


westmidlandsbuses on flickr & instagram
Apologies if there's already an identical thread as this one; I was just wondering whether anybody on this forum collects model buses?

I've only just dipped my feet in collecting again; well, it's been around two years now. 14 models in two years is somewhat of an accomplishment for me, as I'm sure you'd imagine, collecting is not exactly cost-friendly. Out of these 14, most have all since been decommissioned, and so in some cases I've managed to bag them in extraordinary circumstances.

Being from Birmingham, my main priority is collecting models that reflect the buses close to home. So that'll be the National Express/Travel West Midlands ones. With the relaunch of Northcord, they have just released their second British specification Enviro 400 MMC model - in a, you've guessed it, National Express West Midlands livery. The Yardley Wood Bus Club are due their shipment today. I am expecting two of them myself. And I hear a Platinum model is in the works...

Here's a few:

7653041776_IMG_1970.jpg 7653041776_IMG_1934.jpg 7653041776_IMG_1951.jpg 7653041776_IMG_1944.jpg

Feel free to share photos of your own!

*I've put the "diecast" bit of the title in brackets, as I'm aware that there's some good quality resin models (i.e. TTC Diecast/Bono's Bus Models) - but for the most part, a lot of models tend to be diecast, is all.


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