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Jun 24, 2017
Hi everyone, what started out as me messing around in Blender has evolved into an actual project.

The Mercedes-Benz O405N is a low floor bus which saw its success within the U.K between 1998 to 2013, Travel West Midlands/NXWM/NXC had almost 200 during that period although a small handfull of examples are still around under training bus and preserved show bus status. The scream from there magnificent ZF transmission is what sparked my interest in transport from an early age.

A regional variant, with perhaps the setvar option of various route and destination displays, as there were different types.

Release Date:
No idea, not anytime soon.

I would love to hear some tips, suggestions and constructive criticism in order for this bus to be the best it can.

Pictures: VERY MUCH WIP!







Currently, I am relying on Flickr for reference images which seem to be working well so far. So if you have references images feel free to send them.

I don't claim to be an expert so I'm very much learning as I go along. If you want to see some old attempts of me building this bus, you can find those in the 'What's on your workbench" thread. I may put some images below to show where I began and my current skill level.


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Jun 24, 2017
Hi thought I'd post a few screencaps of my bus modelling journey using Blender over the past few months.

This image below was my first attempt at bus modelling from around January 2019, as you can see it wasn't a terrible attempt but also wasn't great at the same time. But I didn't let it stop me, I was determined to understand why it didn't look great and what could be done to make it better.

This screencap was taken a few days after the one previous, again it wasn't terrible but it also wasn't spectacular. After this, I discovered the process of using the Mirror Modifier within Blender which yet again opened up a big door within my modelling skillset.
buS 1.PNG

Finally, we have where I'm at today. After countless 'screw-ups' and constantly being in a cycle of learning from mistakes. I believe this is the model which one day end up in the game. Is there still areas of my skills which need improving? of course. Am I going to continuously learn and progress my skillset? absolutely.

So what is the point of me telling you this? What I'm trying to get across is that you may be wanting to build buses for a game we all love and enjoy, but currently, your 'masterpiece' looks like my first example and nothing like the buses we adore using within OMSI. If it's your first attempt and it doesn't live up to your expectation, don't feel down or dishearted, ask yourself "what is it I could learn which would make it look more realistic?", "what could I do differently next time?". Automatically by switching your mindset, you're allowing growth rather than closing the door on an opportunity.

I say this, as I went through the same process, I didn't let my poor skills defeat me. At the end of the day, 3D modelling is a skill - skills are learnt, nobody is born being fluent with blender and 3D modelling.

You have to be consistent, you have to see failure as growth, but most crucially you have to see the end goal. I'm doing this project as being on O405N's ignited my passion for buses, trains, planes etc. I wanted to experience this bus in OMSI, nobody is going to make the bus for me. I have to step up, take a risk and get it done if I want to see the end result.

Take this how you will, the OMSI UK community is often spoken about widely for the wrong reasons. Someone might be reading this who wants to create something for the community whether it be a bus, map, repaint - anything, but is constantly being let down by their current skillset. If I can provide some value to this community or to that individual then maybe that person may end up creating the next biggest addition to the game, further growing this community and growing the skills of the community.

Happy Sunday!
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