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EYMS Buses Really Mean Business
Sometimes, when I'm on large maps such as Scunthorpe or BoTW, the game decides that either whether I'm selecting a new bus (as happens in Scunthorpe), or if I've been sat in the menu too long (as happens in BoTW), the bus selection menu just disappears without warning. That is only half the issue, however - in order to get the menu back, I have to tab out and back into OMSI, which yes, will get the bus selected, but it also means NONE of the hotkeys will work when the bus is selected - I cannot change camera views, I cannot operate the controls for the bus, and I even cannot open the menu by pressing ESC. Therefore, the game is, unironically, literally unplayable.

Is there any known fix for this? I'm pretty sure my computer can handle OMSI 2, but I think this issue also may have arisen after installing that dodgy TSLP download.



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When you Tab out are u using Ctrl+Alt+Del or Alt+Tab?

I know that when I use Ctrl+Alt+Delete I have to press just Ctrl+Alt again to get any keyboard inputs to work but I'm not sure if Alt+Tab would be the same?

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