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Apr 5, 2016
As you all know, currently in the process of getting a new Gaming PC, so once that happens, Streaming will be going up, but for now I have got a few YouTube vids out and another coming out tomorrow evening.




Here my Youtube where i upload Bowdenham V3 UK style route Videos and i might start uploading Bus videos but i would only use my S7 Edge dont know if its good enough and my twitch Twitch where i stream developments :)

N531 DWM

I like Darts.
Oct 25, 2016
Huh, never noticed this before, my links :-

Real life Bus videos of all sorts but mainly Darts :- M.R.P_Videography

Gaming channel which has only one video (was a test) will be uploading alot a frequently once i've found the editing software i'd like :- M.R.P Gaming

Also The North West Bus Blogs Youtube if i could just add that :- The North West Bus Blog