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Hi guys. Not sure how many people are aware of this but Napthalene the Omsi Bus tuner has today released an updated MCW Metrobus for Omsi previously released by Man1333 for Omsi 1. Includes both 9/11M Versions used by KMB & this now works on Omsi 2.

Quoted from his Facebook page:

Naphthalene the bus tuner in OMSI (English version)
The KMB MCW Metrobus series is released (as an unfinished version).

1. S3M1-254 (11-metre tri-axle) with Cummins & Gardner engined variants.
2. M1-M88 (9.7-metre 2-axle) with Cummins & Gardner engined variants.

Original by: Man1333's Garage
Further worked on by: SWI Bus/SWI 巴士分部, Anthracene OMSI Sound Tuner Studio (a.k.a. LT10), Naphthalene the bus tuner in OMSI, me42

Simple installation - Extract everything to your OMSI directory. Remove & backup any existing old versions for the best effect.

Backup Link: KMB MCW Metrobus series.rar (92.41MB) - SendSpace.com

Known issues:
1. Wrong interior lighting effects, missing lower saloon bus stopping light.
2. Inability of repainting the bus.
3. Model components of the 9.7m variants not yet shifted 1 metre backward to match the settings in the respective .bus files.
4. Failure of using "92" button to change destination display.
5. Failure of A.I. in closing the centre exit door (as was found in an infinite loop of opening and closing doors yet to be fixed).

Link as shown above in the description.

Enjoy! "



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