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Welcome to McBurneys Transport, we are a VTC in the Tapp Inc. Group network of VTCs. McBurneys Transport is for the driver who wants a challenge, delivering general cargo. We are based in London, and we operate in all of Europe. We use a virtual trucking manager to log jobs, to make your life easier, install the auto logger, and when you driving make sure to have it open with the vtc set to McBurneys Transport. You must do a driving test before you can join, please add the CEO on steam to book you a slot with one of our driving instructors. To apply go to our website and scroll down to McBurneys Transport, then press apply here, ready more info, look at more images of trucks, then apply again to take you to vtm. Make sure to add the CEO on steam - username -

*Note McBurney's Transport is part of Tapp Inc. Group which operates four other VTC's and other divisions for other things

This is outdated, we have merged this into some other VTC's and you should join that!!
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