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Me and a friend have recently started creating a new ATS trucking company! We offer a laid back setting with lots of open high ranking Jobs. we want to expand with new members to create a working company that promotes fun in the game with realistic setting. We are still working on building up regulations, rules and things like that and we don't want to start that fully until we have a group effort going into it so everyone is pleased with the company and how it will operate. Our company uses to log paychecks, Job Assignments, manage employees and more. Suggestions are welcomed and we plan to grow to mold each trucker so everyone is happy.


The jobs we currently offer are as follows! (Note we created most ranks to suit our company best)
CEOs- Andrew, Matthew
Shipping Manager California- RWTGaming
Shipping Manager Nevada- (Position needed)
District Supervisor San Francisco- (Position Needed)
District Supervisor Los Angeles- (Position Needed)
District supervisor Sandiego- (Position Needed)
District supervisor LasVegas- (Position Needed)
District supervisor Redding- (Position Needed)
District supervisor Elko- (Position Needed)
Hub Manager Las Angles- (position needed)
Hub Manager LasVegas- (Position needed)
Long Haul Driver Manager- (Position Needed)
Short Haul Driver Manager- (Position Needed)
Long Haul Drivers- Needed
Short Haul Drivers- Needed

Here is the Job description for each job listed-
CEO- Company Heads Manages every rank and Manages Contracts with clients, and Promotes or Demotes all workers. Recruits new truckers.
Shipping Managers- Manages all Jobs coming from different states into theirs, Investigates large incident reports, Manages District supervisors within their state and Promotes or demotes workers below their rank. Recruits new truckers.

District Supervisors- Manages Small incident reports in their city, Manages Jobs going out of there city, Manages drivers assigned to their city. Recruits new truckers.

Hub Managers- Hub Managers keep the Company shipping hubs in peak performance to make sure that every delivery is on time and delivered. they also manage drivers within the hub. Recruits new truckers.

Long Haul Driver Manager- Hires, and Fires all Long haul drivers. Recruits new truckers.

Short Haul Driver Manager- Hires, and Fires all Short Haul drivers. Recruits new truckers.

Long Haul driver-operates jobs over 400 Miles

Short Haul Driver- Operates Jobs under 400 Miles
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Welcome to the forums! Good luck with your VTC. :)

I moved your thread into the ATS section for you.


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Here's and update since the post was posted on ranks
CEO- Andrew, Matthew
COO- Ryan
Shipping Manager California- Ryan
Shipping Manager Nevada- Kane
District Supervisor San Francisco- Pavel
District Supervisor Los Angeles- John
District supervisor San Diego- Boab
District supervisor LasVegas- Jake
District supervisor Redding- (Position Needed)
District supervisor Elko- Jonathan
Hub Manager Los Angeles- (position needed)
Hub Manager Las Vegas- (Position needed)
Long Haul Drivers- Hiring open
Short Haul Drivers- Hiring open

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