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Alan Sir HK

Aug 3, 2017
This is my first thread ever in this forum.
I would like to introduce this bus which you cannot find in Europe. There maybe still a lot of information have to be updated or correction by everyone here. Some brief information has been mentioned in my previous post on other thread.
The bus is MAN A95. It was released in 2014. It only has RHD version as this bus is design for Asia Pacific market, especially for Hong Kong and Singapore. MAN A95 can be defined into two types related to the engine power, which are ND323F and ND363F. The standard length for MAN A95 is 12 meters, but 12.8-meter version is also available.
The standard body combination assigned by MAN is Gemilang MAN Lion's City DD body which is made in Malaysia, and the design is authorized by MAN officially. Therefore many characteristics which currently on standard MAN body buses can be found on this body, too.
Although MAN would like to gain more orders from Hong Kong, the total number of MAN A95 buses are less than 100 due to the competition between ADL and Volvo. ADL and Volvo buses have relatively lower fuel consumption and higher capacity. Instead, many of them are used as open-top tour buses. Several independent tour bus companies have bought a few open-top version MAN A95 for night sightseeing tours or group chartered services. There is also a special version of A95 providing bus dining tours.Passengers can enjoy Michelin award dishes during the tour.
Other than local services, A95 buses are also used for cross border shuttle buses at HZMB (Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau Bridge). Those buses have triple-door design for passengers getting on board or get off more convenient.

Singapore is the largest region of using A95 buses. All A95 buses are own by the LTA department of Singapore government and being distributed to different bus companies and the government has the authority to redistribute the buses when there is a bus service reorganization. All buses are in official green livery with bus companies' logos. Other than a special 12.8-meter, 3-door, dual staircases bus, all MAN A95 buses are 12-meter version.

There are also MAN A95 buses in Australia and New Zealand, but I do not have any photos yet. If there are any, you can post them in this thread.



B. NLB MAN A95 (ND323F),VIN MD03

C. Crystal Bus MAN A95 (ND323F), providing dining tours

(Bus 2)



D. Open-top A95 buses own by different tour companies (ND323F), photos are unclear



E. HZMB cross border shuttle bus (ND363F), with only 4.2 meter height due to limitation by law in China

Plate of the bus

Upper deck

Lower deck

F. NWFB 12.8-meter A95 bus (ND323F), VIN 6090

Upper deck

Lower deck

G. NLB MAN A95 with RAS (ND363F),VIN MDR21

Upper deck

H. Singapore LTA A95 (ND323F), being distributed to different companies including SMRT, SBS Transit, Go-ahead Singapore and Tower Transit

12.8-meter, 3-door, dual staircases trial version MAN A95 buses, currently using by SBS Transit

SBS Transit 12-meter MAN A95

Distributed to Go-ahead Singapore

If you have more extra information and photos, just share them.
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New Member
Oct 21, 2018
Just thought I'd add how amazing these B-Line branded MAN A95's are. As I've personally been on them, I can say that I think they probably are the best double decker's Australia currently has. The 32 of these in Australia all run on the same route, known as B-Line (numbered B1). They run up Sydney's northern beaches (incase you couldn't tell with the livery) and service the City, Dee Why, The Spit (which some people would know if they've played Manly ACT TWO) and up to Mona Vale. The buses have quite a lot of power (which is needed going up The Spit), and are quite comfortable to ride on, even if you're standing. They include a surfboard space (which isn't on any other Sydney Bus I know of), have on-board announcements (which may seem basic to people in London, but doesn't exist on many buses in Sydney) and charging ports at most seats.

This was the first of the 32 buses to be delivered.

Interior Cab Pic

All B-Line stops were given a fresh new look, with some including covered seating, and all including screens to display the next bus, and how full they are.


Some dude.
May 23, 2018
I've always wondered why TfNSW went with an imported Gemilang over the likes of the Volgren Optimus decker, or the CDi. Especially given that Transit Systems, CDC and Forest have large numbers of the Bustech CDi in their fleets.

Mitch :)


New Member
Oct 21, 2018
I've always wondered why TfNSW went with an imported Gemilang over the likes of the Volgren Optimus decker, or the CDi. Especially given that Transit Systems, CDC and Forest have large numbers of the Bustech CDi in their fleets.

Mitch :)
Volgren Optimus Double Decker was going to be out of the question. Hillsbus (Owned by CDC) originally did order one B9TL Volgren Optimus Double Decker for use on the M2. However, I heard that regulations in NSW had issues with the weight of the bus, so they sent the bus down to CDC Melbourne to operate on a route numbered the 190.

As for the CDi, I'm personally not a fan of them. One thing I hate is how they have 2 axles at the front and one at the back, which looks ugly to me. I believe I heard something that the CDi's would be too heavy and underpowered to go up The Spit, which was why they looked at alternative options, like the MAN A95 Gemilang.

Even though they weren't made in Australia, the MAN A95's are high-quality buses, and it really does provide the diversity of Double Deckers in Australia.
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Some dude.
May 23, 2018
CDC's Charterplus depot in St Mary's have an Optimus decker that was delivered about two months ago, so the weight restriction must have been lifted. Being that it's with Charterplus, I'm gonna say that it's not going to be used on track services with Hillsbus. However, I'm gonna assume the order for the MAN A95 units was placed prior to the ADR restrictions being lifted. I live not far from where CDC Melbourne's Optimus decker is based, but I haven't seen it out and about. I don't think it gets used as much as the single deck Volgren units.

The CDi is the way that it is due to the same ADR rules that the Optimus decker failed in Sydney. I wasn't a fan of the dual steer axle on the front, however it's grown on me. Any other decker would look odd in the Skybus fleet, given the amount of CDi units that they currently have.

Mitch :)


the british omnidekka
Oct 27, 2016
there was a very similar uk release that isn't widely known,its name is the east lancs kinetic the only one I know of is one that was stationed in reading in around
NB-501-RX07RKV-Basingstoke Rail Stn-150310 b.JPG
2008 and 2009 .in 2010 I believe it moved to Newbury buses a reading buses subsidiary to operate a join t service called the link between newbury and Basingstoke