Making A Bus

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Oct 27, 2016
Hello im new to making a bus and i want to make the MANALX300 for right hand maps can anyone give me any advice or help me with what to do



Mar 29, 2016
because im not sure how to make the body
You need patience, skill and time. This is really difficult to even import a photo. Also you need front,side and rear views and loads of ref pics. Zmodeller is a payed alternative but blender is the best in my opinion :)


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Feb 11, 2016
Making a bus in OMSI is not just about modelling it (even though it's a major part of it). You need to have experience with modelling, scripting etc before you even touch the idea of making a bus. If you really do want to I would recommended modelling basic houses and get harder as you go along

Mystic Greg

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May 22, 2016
Step 1. Open Blender
Step 2. Cry

But yeah, even if you can make the model, writing the cfg file, scripting is the bigger pain if you don't know what you are doing. Obviously though you can look through other .bus files and cfg files to see how it works :p
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Mar 29, 2016
But blender is complicated to work out so I would recommend this tutorial
I know how to use blender and that tutorial is not what you want to use. If your creating a bus you need to look at the different modelling techniques and looking at objects like buildings or something not to difficult to work with :)
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