Mainline ADL Enviro 200

Repaints Mainline ADL Enviro 200 1.0

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Oct 30, 2016
MarkHodgkinson submitted a new resource:

Mainline ADL Enviro 200 - Repaint of the ADL E200 in 1993 Mainline Group Ltd livery


Repaint of the ADL Enviro 200 in 1993 Mainline Group Ltd livery of post office red and canary yellow.

This repaint requires "ADL E200 KMB AAS" by gx7767 to be installed.

Please read the "readme" file included in the ZIP folder for installation instructions.[/quote]

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May 19, 2016
As always, amazing work! My hat goes off to you, especially for the E200 Skin!
I've tried many times over the years to repaint the E200 without success, found it such a pain in the backside to work with! :rolleyes:
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