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------------------------------------Mack RS700---------------------------------------

Mack RS700 is a truck that I made about 4+ hours having it bugless, I tied it and tested it to its version "1.62". I think it is My Fastest Record of Making a Standalone Truck. This Truck have common feature from my recent Mods and it has limits and insufficient accessories like the Interior but I'll be adding those in the near update...
• Standardized Mack RS700 Accessories
• 6x4 Chassis
• 7 Engines with each Different Sounds.
• 12 speed with and without retarder Transmissions.
• Manifested data (Metadata) and Description.
• Standard Cabin, w/o Interior (I used an interior from Mercedes Actros 2014).
• Has own Textures and Materials.
• Available at Mercedes Truck Dealers of UK and Europe.
• Collisionized.
• Only Custom Color available
• Engine Sounds are from:
- Caterpillar C15
- Caterpillar C16
- Cummins ISX 370
- Cummins ISX 565
- Detroit Diesel S60
- Mack 330
- Mack E7460
• Optimum Price.

This Mod will be updated soon...

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Credits: John Necir Rebellion, Blender w/ 50Keda’s plugin, SCS Software, Kriechbaum, Matt_Streamline, davidchatoyan.

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