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Good day Truckers!,

M AND L TRUCKING is a Trucking company who takes pride in making there deliveries on time and very professional

We keep log tracks of all loads fuel comsumption and maintenance. as well as any incidents reported to the staff.
We specialize in heavy haul and regular cargo Transportations from long hauls to short hauls.

Current openings:

1 Staff Manager
4 Drivers
2 dedicated heavy haul drivers any distance


Staff Manager : - Must have experience managing drivers
- Must have expierence in managing log book entries
- Good team player
- easy to get along with other drivers.
- Fill out incident forms and disuss any issues with the higher management
- Complete deliveries on time and professional with very limited to no damage and no traffic offences.
- must be a mature player
- Recruiting new drivers

Drivers: - Have experience in driving heavy haul, cargo freight trailers
- Have experience in long and short hauls
- be professional
- Experience keeping logs ( fuel , maintenance,)
- Report incidents to staff manager immediately after it takes place
- must be a mature player

Mandatory requirements/rules:

No mic needed.
No set times to haul, You haul on your own time
No horseplay ( Zero tolerance)
Must drive professionally at all times. ( anyone who has multiple incident reports and causing a lot of damage will be immediately released from the company. )
All incidents must be reported immediately to Staff manager anyone caught not doing so will result in immediate dismissal!
Must have a VTS account
You may use your own truck decals for now until we establish colors ,

Please apply by searching up
M AND L TRUCKING on Virtual Trucking manager website
Or you can just message me

Join our discord and speak to a staff member
2ndLT.L Viper


Also join our new steam page and see whats happening within our company


Thank you for your interest in M AND L TRUCKING
A Bonding Brotherhood
Looking forward to your application!!

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