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Feb 1, 2018
LYDA is now hiring Drivers to Get on their Machines and Travel Village to Village , Country to Country . We here in LYDA try to be as human like as possible , we are a serious VTC but no matter that we dont recommend being too serious or like to be serious , being serious in our opinion ruins the mood . You do what you do ... Here in LYDA you will experience things that no other VTC might offer . We have Weekly Quizzes like Guess the Cargo / Find the Code , Rankup Job Systems , Limited time Delivery Missions , that get you ranks on the server , a whole different Currency System which you can get Ranks With . We here at LYDA "will" offer Custom Trailer mods with our own Custom Stock which you can get Rewarded for Transporting . With LYDA Coins . We are going to have Placements for Different types of staff positions / Graphics Designer / Dispatch ( Convoy Leader ) / Recruiters etc... All of that will be available to your as soon as we begin to grow bigger . We are also having Security Pilot Training Corses , 5-10 Members = We will Contract Convoy Missions that gain you tons of LYDA Coins . Weekly ReUnions will be available . ( Mini Games , Quiz , Guess the Cargo etc ) 10-50 Members = Staf Apps will be open for recruitment , Dispatch , Recruiters . Singleplayer Deliveries will be Unlocked . 50-100 Members = Our Security Corses will be Available to take . 100-200 Members = We will expand in different languages , and begin to make Partnerships . We are not sure what we will do in the future so encourage us to decide with your Membership in our Company . All that we require from you is - A minimum Age of 15 - Fluent English - Serious Driving - We dont have an Hour Limit ( Giving you a Chance ) - Obeying our Uniforms ( Atleast on Convoys or Meetings ) DISCLAIMER : We refuse to accept Drivers Unable to understand English , or even speak it . So , wanna join our Adventure ? Hop on in and Sign Up on our Site !