Lothian Group Hanover HOF file


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Apr 3, 2017
Hi all, I am presently making a large HOF file that is mainly for the Masterbus but can also be used on any Hanover display with other buses. It should be compatible with the Mobitec as well should you wish to use it there. It has been programmed so that you can do any destination with any number. If all goes to plan the sister companies including Eastcoastbuses, Lothiancountry, Edinburgh Bus Tours etc should be within the file.

I work in the rail industry and sadly all too often suicides and deaths on the railway are all too common. My employer has a long standing partnership with CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), It's aim to prevent suicides and encourage people to talk as much as possible.

My question is would people be willing to pay for a large scale HOF file for a small sum? - all of which would go to CALM, if so how much would people be willing to pay?

Thanks in Advance

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