Losing all my buses in my vehicles folder

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Hello everyone

Recently I was having some problems with a new map I installed and I was trying to find everything that will get the map to work completely, and in the process of that something messed up my OMSI 2 installation and it was giving me an error that didn't make sense, so during all this frustration I accidentally deleted all my maps and vehicles and I forgot to make a backup

I must say I feel a bit heartbroken about it naturally

And I wanted to ask you guys as I need some help with this as obviously I need to build up my collection of buses and maps again, I had some mods 3 or 4 installed with Alterr Citaro model where in these mods instead of the seats being single seats on the right of the bus they were double seats, and as the standard seats so I'm talking about, so I was wondering if someone could help me find that mod please ? , I can't seem to find it on my computer and on line and it was from the official forum

I would be grateful for any help, thank you

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unless they set it to delete when you click delete, instead of recycle. If they are in the recycle bin, just select the folders and click restore


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Thank you for your help guys, no unfortunately there not in the recycle bin I checked after, I deleted through Steam and uninstalling or changing a programme on my computer, I have made a big error

I know there are these programs you can get to try and recover files but from my experience it recovers them in a very messy way like bits and pieces

Thank you again for your help guys

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