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New route 421 Departs Bardsfield Bus Station for Lordsfield with New Destinations Mod

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Look at the new edition to the map!!

Hello everyone and welcome to Lordsfield!! 

This a map that I have been working on for about 2 or 3 weeks and I think progress is going quite well on it.

The Routes currently are:

23-Lordsfield Bus Station-Upper Elsy-First Bus

3-Lordsfield Bus Station-Westonbury Market Place-Reeton Bus Station-First Bus

S1-Westonbury Market Place-Lordsfield Bus Station-Lordsfield School-BrightBus

S2-Reeton Bus Station-Lordsfield School-BrightBus

S3 Brunton,Lords Way-Lordsfield School-BrightBus

297-Brunton,Lords Way-Upper Elsy-Arriva

298-Lordsfield Bus Station-Brunton,Lords Way-Arriva 

290-Lordsfield Bus Station-Lower Brunton-Fulton Bus Station-Willows Townsend-Sutherton Bus Station-Arriva Max

421-Lordsfield Bus Station-Brunton,Lords Way-Setton Village-Bardsfield Bus Station-First Bus

More will be added soon enough. :P  

Here are some Screenshots and Please remember this map is still in quite high W.I.P status so don't expect amazing things of it all yet.

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