Looking for bus creators (Willing to pay you)

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Oct 24, 2016
hello everyone,
Recently I've been looking for a bus creator and most response are " already in the middle of creating another bus"
I don't really have the time to learn how to use blender
Message to all creator here your chance to make some money.
The bus I would like to get done is down below. Sound of the bus must be somewhat realistic.
Quicker the bus is done the more I will be happy to pay
Pay is negotiable so don't hesitate
If interested message me either on this
Or instagram Alm1ghty_so
Discord : trickifichd






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Mar 20, 2016
Developers tend to make buses because they want to, not because they are requested to. There are a very small handful of bus developers within the UK community of which all are consumed in their independent projects. Making a bus is not exactly a quick job too!

I believe someone is already making an E200, however I would say that in the future, if you do want a bus in OMSI, it will be best for you to learn all the development skills necessary to make that specific bus. I'd also like to add that bribing someone to make something for you is not the way forward, you can easily get played/scammed over the internet.
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Apr 5, 2016
Pretty much as Rhys said, making content for OMSI 2 takes a lot of hard work and effort and people do it in their free/spare time and only really tend to make them for enjoyment, not because someone wants them to. Again as Rhys said learning the skills is the best way to go, I've had to learn a lot of things.
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