Looking for ACTIVE VTC - 120hrs ATS/ 141hrs ETS2


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Mar 21, 2017
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Hey all, I'm currently looking to find a ATS VTC (Based in US). I have over 260 hrs combined over ats/ets2 (more than 3/4 of that time being in MP). I can promise 3+ trips daily. Was apart of KnoxVegas, but as most know they are closing up shop. So currently looking for a VTC. Thanks for the consideration. Hope to see yall on the road.


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Jan 1, 2014
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http://premieretransportvtc.com/ We got the #1 Top rated Custom VTC Dispatcher. There is no dispatcher like this one. And if you join today you can earn 500 miles as a sign on bouns by just stating in your application you found us on "Trucksim.org"


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Apr 20, 2017

You won't find any other VTC like Viva Trucking! Viva Trucking is extremely active will 350+ registered members, 10+ applications a day, along with our large, weekly MP convoys. Our self-operated logging system and other web features provide an immersive and realistic company feel. With our award-winning support and staff, we will ensure you enjoy every minute at Viva Trucking. Visit our website at https://www.vivatrucking.com/ . We hope to hear from you soon!

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