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Hello, I am currently a driver for KnoxVegas Trucking, but we have been notified that we are all getting laid off and the company is closing at the end of March. So, I'm looking for a new company to join.

About Me:
  • Location: Texas, U.S.
  • Age: 40+
  • Never used Discord or TeamSpeak, but I can learn.
  • I play mainly ETS2, but do ATS from time to time.
  • I log about 10 loads a week, roughly 8,000km+
  • I drive as close to real as I can (following truck speed limits, stopping at rail crossings with ADR loads, etc..)
  • I don't do much M.P.
  • Create my own truck skins. Just include the VTC company information on the door as a leased to notification.
I'm looking for a company that has the following:
  • Active and mature players. I don't care if there is only 5 drivers, as long as they are active and drive like a trucking simulator and not Need 4 Speed Truck Edition
  • Use TruckDataLogger for load information.
  • Active forum, or discussion area to discuss the game, share photos.
  • No restriction on the type and number of mods used. But has some guidelines on cargo values. I.e. loads that pay 500/km aren't very realistic.
  • No mandatory MP driving, or mandatory convoys a month/week to participate in. I'll join these when I can, but real life (work and family) tends to get in the way of sticking to a schedule.
I've went to a several of the VTC's located here, but they all seem to have died a slow death, so appreciate any suggestions.

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Welcome to the Forums! It's a shame to hear @KnoxVegas is closing down without a word on his thread, used to be a regular visitor. Good luck with your search!


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I heard about Knox Vegas shutting down,seems alot of vtc's have been closing their doors..I can recommend http://premieretransportvtc.com/ was a good company most of their drivers run the single player and when i was with them you had to manually do your logs,but you run when and how you wanted..
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hey man NZED TRUCKING.LTD seems like what you are looking for we are a medium sized company we dont have any MP requirements we log all jobs using VTM our only driving sort of requirement is that you do 3+ loads a week if interested flick us an email at [email protected] and one of our management staff will get back to you asap



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Like @Graywolf said above, Come join us over at Premiere Transport VTC. We got our very own custom Dispatcher with telemetry, live driver stats on the site, and very detailed stats of drivers loads. If you join, you can earn a 500 mile sign on bouns if you put you found us on Trucksim.org.


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