Long Haulers Trucking Co.

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Oct 11, 2014
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Long Haulers Trucking Co. is a VTC that I have set up with an aim to make sure that everybody has a convoy that they can participate in. This can only be accomplished if we have enough active members however we are working on it. As with many other trucking companies we have rules that if followed lead to a great trucking experience.


  • No Ramming.
  • No disrespectful language
  • Don't abandon fellow convoy members unless they are ruining the convoy.
  • Have Fun!
Our Company is brand new and therefore there are lots of opportunities. We have a website where you can upload your journey info, this is not obligatory however is recommended so that we can check people's progress.

If you would like to join sign up now! http://www.myvtc.net/r/2128

Hope To See You Trucking Soon!

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