London to trial out a Tri-Axle

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Mar 12, 2018
In Sydney, Australia, we use a few tri-axle buses here and there. In Australia, it is rare to find double-deckers unlike the UK. There are a few here and there though. A company called Hillsbus (Owned by CDC, owners of Metroline) operate between booming North-West Sydney (which isn't served by trains) down the freeway to the city. These routes run some double-deckers (all tri-axles) and some single-deck tri-axle buses to meet the demand.

Another company called Transit Systems NSW (Owned by Transit Systems, owners of Tower Transit) has a few double deckers, which are tri-axles too. They're used on what we call T-Ways. They're like the guided busways, except they're just plain road only used by buses and fully controlled by drivers.

All double-deckers that do exist in Australia (as far as I know) are tri-axles. There have been plenty of issues with buses having the tail swing too. From what I know, London have very tight roads, which would cause a challenge to implement tri-axle buses.


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Oct 25, 2016
Been very rare to catch in service due to teething problems. I live too far from the route 12 but how does it feel riding it?