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So, I've been working on a new project after my last one got cancelled, this time it's the Liverpool - Chester line on the Merseyrail network. As of now, I've got up to Bache and just need to add some trackside scenery then I'll move onto Capenhurst (station after Bache). The train used will be the 313 (Steam version as of now until I save up enough for the one direct from AP). When enough progress has been done, I'll either post some screenshots or a video showing the progress and a drivers eye view perspective. And of course, the route will be freeware with a minimum amount of required DLC. As of now, the DLC consists of:

North Wales Coastal (For track and Chester station)
Liverpool - Manchester (For platforms and scenery)

Most of the scenery will come from Liverpool - Manchester, so some building (e.g. the Morrisons by Bache station) may not look exact, but I've tried to compromise with low amounts of required DLC and decent scenery. Hopefully all should go well. :)


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