Left Hand Spline Junction names


The Senate
Jan 20, 2016
Hi All,

I recently started developing my Grimsby map and noticed that all of the splines I am using have German names. Does anyone know the name of any 3 way and 4 way junctions in iomex's left hand spline pack?

Many Thanks



Dec 10, 2015
I left the German names in there to make conversion from right to left easier, and for familiarity - a lot of people are used to the names so can identify assets better than widths.

I'm not sure why you can't find any 3 or 4 way crossings as that's basically all the sceneryobjects is - unless you're after a simple crossing? If this is the case then Crossing (or Junction for 3 way) Altonaer Straße is about 8m wide, and Heerstraße is quite a bit wider.