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I'm a Scania
Hello all,

While reintroducing myself to the OMSI 2 editor, I found I needed to use some bus stop lay-bys that fitted Altoner Street and Seeburger Street. I assumed these were included in the Simple Streets package but although there are some cobbled ones for Altoner, I'm looking for tarmac ones.

I know some exist somewhere as I used to have them on my old PC and they were very handy. I think the Altoner version even came with a double sided layby, one for each direction.

Does anyone know where to obtain these or something similar? They were probably part of a bigger pack or map.
(just so you know I mean for driving on the right hand - German - side of the road)




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If you don't fancy laying out roads in the alternative manner of laying kerbs and surfaces separately, I'd suggest your best bet is going to be to find a plain tarmac spline and lay it over the top of the cobbled surface.

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