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We're back! So let's start this weeks posting with the latest post on SCS's blog :)

During feature development, lots of time is spent discussing the designs and how the gameplay is revolving around particular feature and how to evolve it further. However we realized we seldom shared such kind of behind the scenes info with you...

One of the features that has been under discussion for a long time is another type of DLC - Rigid Trucks.

Having rigids in the game brings quite a bit of challenges for us - the developers, as we would have to touch an established gameplay formula, and for you - the drivers, as backing these beasts is far from easy!

Naturally we need to take care of seamless in-game integration, with physics, economy, loading / unloading places infrastructure... There is both good and bad there, this challenge may persuade us to reconsider the concept of trailer ownership. But you know us, the more ambitious we are in altering the gameplay, the more time we typically take to make this happen. We will push to arrive to a broad concept of trailer ownership, though here we will start with one particular case - a swap body trailer on which you'll be loading the containers, cisterns and other loads suitable for rigid truck transportation.

For a driver, this is going to be a whole new challenge, especially when it comes to loading and unloading cargo. So in case you thought your parking skill is near perfection with ETS2, think again! :) Rigids with attached swap body trailer will test your maneuvering skills again. Of course, if you are not a hardcore player or just prefer just to chill out and ride, auto-parking feature is still at your disposal.
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So, what do you think of this? Will it actually be a DLC worth buying? :p



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It depends really on the price. If it is priced high like the High Power Cargo DLC then I will not buy it. I probably get it in a Steam stale
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I might buy it if it isn't ridicously expensive.

Anyway, how does the unloading work IRL? Does someone have a video of it?
If this actually came and working, SCS can take my money straight out my hands!

Also, you will see quite a lot of new mods from me on :)


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I'm excited to see this and can't wait for it to come out. It seems like it will add a new feel to the game and I support it being a dlc. I would probably pay $15-20 USD for something like this depending on how in depth it actually is.
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